Mandala #29 – "NYC Mandalas" by Donna Gentile, photo collage, 12" x 12"


April 17, 2012 – Mandalas found in NYC. I set out intentionally looking for mandalas in NYC and this is what I found. The middle image on the far left is interesting. Check it out. I was photographing the broken window outside of Ferrara’s (sp?) famous Italian gelato joint in Little Italy and didn’t see what was behind the broken glass until I opened the photo on my computer.

Was the Jesus Christ statue really there?

Or did my camera pick up something other-worldly?

Ooooohhhh… very fascinating. You decide.

Bottom far right is the 9/11 Memorial, which felt like a great big mandala with an open center square, surrounded by a pool of water, surrounded by a great big waterfall wall, surrounded by a granite surface holding etched names of the victims, surrounded by people buzzing around the park, surrounded by NYC skyscrapers… and so on…

The 9/11 Memorial was amazing. Another mandala will be dedicated solely to that in the near future.

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