Mandala Art Workshops

20140731_163810_Love_Mandala_540sqCommunity Mandala Project (CMP) offers Mandala Art Workshops for natural self-healing, empowerment and transformation!

Mandala Art Workshops are relaxing, fun and inspiring visual meditations. They are a journey inward to the center of self, and an expression outward from the soul. Using the ancient art of the mandala (sacred circle) along with mixed-media art techniques, the power of positive thought and our own personal stories, we create vibrant designs that radiate out.

In doing this, a sense of wholeness and well-being is restored to mind, body and spirit. Mandalas help us focus our thoughts, explore natural self-healing, overcome limiting beliefs and manifest the transformations we desire in life!

Mandala is Sanskrit for “circle” and is a symbol of wholeness. It is a pattern of power that represents the whole circle of existence… a primal circular pattern existing in nature since the beginning of time… Mandalas can be used as a path to power, describing an inner journey to the center. — Mandalas & Meditations for Everyday Living by Casandra Lorious


Mandala Art Workshops can help your business:

  • set goals and objectives
  • provide alternative paths to wellness for staff, patients, clients, students
  • fulfill social responsibility requirements
  • create social buzz
  • increase productivity
  • provide creative approaches to team-building


CMP workshops are now better aligned with the NEW National Art Standards as well as Connecticut core curriculum for Social Studies, English, Math and Science!


Mandala art workshops can benefit anyone looking to create positive change and wellness. They can help people:

  • explore alternative pathways to wellness through natural self-healing
  • experience harmony in relationships with self, others and nature
  • discover passion, purpose and strength
  • build self-esteem, self-love, self-worth and confidence
  • develop empathy and compassion
  • communicate thoughts, ideas and emotions
  • process pain, trauma and loss
  • overcome limiting beliefs
  • map out goals
  • set intentions
  • practice the power of positive thought
  • transform negative thoughts and events into positive thoughts and opportunities
  • develop character values such as: gratitude, honor, respect, humility, kindness, generosity, peace, tolerance, love, forgiveness, acceptance and more
  • learn problem-solving skills

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